Sunday, February 4, 2018

I hate to type.  Primarily because I do not know how to spell 80% of the words I use.  That aside, if you take that in stream with the mindset that I do not type all at one sitting, and my point of view will change,  Something that is unappealing to a finished well written piece.
 I also know that I read what I was thinking, and not always what I typed, and not until later do I catch it. (if at all)

What I am getting ready to point out is that if we believe history as it is told to us, items on the earth, like the Nazca lines, have been here for a long time.  Within the lines area a

Within this blueprint is my favorite structure next to the Coral Castle By Ed Leedskalnin.

For millennia we have been told this structure is a tomb.  Force feed the tomb story, sections that do not fit the tomb story covered up or safely behind a door.  Out of site, out of mind.

I have worked to reconstruct the structure based off he photos.  I feel the structure tells a different story.  The ware, watermarks and configuration all fits like a work of art, and the communication is obvious once you let the structure speak for itself.

I welcome anyone who has photos or video.  Pre 2000 Photos are very welcome.  I like to show the modifications so you can see what you are missing.  (

I do not want to just tell you about how the structure works, I want to show you.  Nothing I suggest can not be re-created in real world examples.

I hope once you see the system as I view it, all the parts are unmistakable.  We still have secrets to learn however, because the Great Pyramid is just one piece.