Tuesday, June 26, 2018

In addition to Youtube @ https://youtube.com/GreatGizaPyramid , I now have videos on:

 d.tube @ https://d.tube/#!/c/greatgizapyramid (must be all lower case)

 BitChute @  https://www.bitchute.com/channel/GW3CPdTGGufY/
 Start Here: https://www.bitchute.com/accounts/referral/giza/

as well as Vimeo @ https://vimeo.com/GreatGizaPyramid

If you recommend another, I can add that to the list.

I thank you all for your viewing support, and am always open to answer questions and glad to speak with anyone interested.

Soon as I can, I will be building a model that is as close to the configuration of the structures on the Giza plateau as I can and will show they they function as they where constructed without need for modifications.

I hope to replace some of the older video with better audio quality and updated/corrected information and soon to have a text version so it can be translated into other languages easier.

I ask that you aid me by joining or more of the other video platforms so I can get feedback on the quality of the platforms, as well as in the event one or more of the other platforms go under.

Thank you again,
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Sunday, February 4, 2018

I hate to type.  Primarily because I do not know how to spell 80% of the words I use.  That aside, if you take that in stream with the mindset that I do not type all at one sitting, and my point of view will change,  Something that is unappealing to a finished well written piece.
 I also know that I read what I was thinking, and not always what I typed, and not until later do I catch it. (if at all)

What I am getting ready to point out is that if we believe history as it is told to us, items on the earth, like the Nazca lines, have been here for a long time.  Within the lines area a blueprint.giza.ws

Within this blueprint is my favorite structure next to the Coral Castle By Ed Leedskalnin.

For millennia we have been told this structure is a tomb.  Force feed the tomb story, sections that do not fit the tomb story covered up or safely behind a door.  Out of site, out of mind.

I have worked to reconstruct the structure based off he photos.  I feel the structure tells a different story.  The ware, watermarks and configuration all fits like a work of art, and the communication is obvious once you let the structure speak for itself.

I welcome anyone who has photos or video.  Pre 2000 Photos are very welcome.  I like to show the modifications so you can see what you are missing.  (contact.giza.ws)

I do not want to just tell you about how the structure works, I want to show you.  Nothing I suggest can not be re-created in real world examples.

I hope once you see the system as I view it, all the parts are unmistakable.  We still have secrets to learn however, because the Great Pyramid is just one piece.


Monday, January 5, 2015

Welcome to 2015.

As we round the calender into 2015 I felt it was a good time to star to use this blog and share my ideas and prompt feedback.

 I would like to offer anyone interested in a pre-copy of my white paper/book on the Giza pyramid a chance to get it.  I do want to inform you this is my first ever publication, and may be very rough.  I hope to have a releasable version early this year, and then to have an official version by mid year and begin to promote it and release it on a donation/low cost fashion.

Anyone who provides any feedback on the beta copy will receive a release copy at no cost. (Even if I do not agree with your feedback, or use it.)

This is going to be the first of several text releases, and I wish my early adopters to review it and aid me in rewording sections to make it easier for people to understand and/or put out incorrect terminology or even providing data to enhance the paper.

This first paper is going to focus on the construction of the Great Pyramid, as well as some of the relevant features of the plateau.

Anyone involved in this project will be invited to work on the next release that will begin to review the flow of the system as I currently understand it.

I do wish to release more complex variations as time goes on, but I have to have a starting point, and I feel and a low tech version is best to stir up interest.

At all levels, I welcome anyone with knowledge of any language to aid me in translating it into other languages, and then refining the text to flow correctly in that respective language.

 I will gladly give anyone who aids me credit for your time and efforts, but I do wish to initially release the text on a donation/shareware cost fashion.  I will not be able to compensate you monetarily unless demand allows for a paperback or hard cover publication and am open to discussing terms should the paper go viral.

 In addition to the TheGreatPyramidProjectUSA.com that is building a 1:1 scale model.  I am working with a few other ventures to build scale models that have reached out to me for advice and my view on the construction, and I hope to have photos and examples of physical system flow before the end of the year.

I am also working with a local group to build a few "back yard" models to display system flow.

I welcome anyone who build a model and wished to share photos to submit them as well.  I know some of you out there are working with a larger budget and/or have much better model building experience.

 I am going to re-record my videos with a better progression of the system and to replace the videos with grammatical and/or logistical errors to make it easier to follow.

I also will work to build some .IMG files so people can download the videos and burn them to DVD for viewing on a standard DVD in classroom or personal screening.

If demand allows it, I will offer a DVD set for people who are not able to burn your own copies for a low fee.

If more demand allows it, I am going to look for people willing to host some videos in alternative languages.

Anyone with any interest in any or all of the above please contact the following emails @greatgizapyramid.com:

book@ - to get a pre lease copy, and a notification once a final copy is ready.
translate@ - to be put on a list for me to contact you one a final copy is ready, and/or to offer audio or video aid in another language.
DVD@ - let me know you would be interested in a DVD copy for offline viewing.
model@ - to submit photos or contact for model building aid/suggestions.

You may alternatively email contact@ with the subject of "book", "translate", "DVD" or "model".  or TEXT 6572294492 with the same, as well as your contact email.

I also invite you to join the GreatGizaPyramid group at http://group.GreatGizaPyramid.com and ask you liking us on facebook, following on twitter, and joining us on plus&hangout.
I am still trying to get the followings on the social media to a higher level so I can begin to take advantage of features awarded to users with higher followers.

For more ways to contact me, please visit http://contact.GreatGizaPyramid.com

Thank you,